Starting a blog and making your website can be done even if you’re not a technical person. You can do it by following the steps below:

1.) You must have your own DOMAIN NAME.

A domain name is your address on the web. An address that people type in the Web browser in order to locate your website.

For example:

2.) You must sign up for a WEB HOSTING.

After registering your domain name, It is now time to sign up for a web hosting.

A Web Hosting serves a rented space of your uploaded files. This is also called an “online storage” of your website/blog files.

Now that you have a domain name and a web hosting, it is now time to set up your Content Management Systems (CMS)

3.) Install WordPress

There’s a lot of CMS out there, but what makes me recommend WordPress is that it is easy to use and there are lots of available plugin that is essential in building a ‘Do it yourself ‘ (DIY) website.

Plugins gives additional functionality or feature in your website/blog.

WordPress is a free platform from your hosting. You just need to set up in your account in order to use it.

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