Konnichiwa!!! (means Greetings or Hello in Japanese)

Thinking of going to Japan as a tourist? Here are some of the details that might help you prepare before going to Japan.

First, apply for a VISA.

There are 2 accredited Visa processing agency in Davao: The Discovery Tour Inc. and the Attic Tours Phils. Inc. I applied mine and my husband’s visa in Attic Tours at SM Ecoland, Davao City. The following are the requirements that we submitted upon application of VISA:

  • Signed form (You can get this in the agency)
  • Philippine Passport
  • Photo 4.5cm x 4.5cm (white background for Visa application)
  • Recent Birth Certificate from PSA
  • Recent Marriage Contract from PSA
  • Tour Itinerary
  • Proof of Income (ITR and Bank Statement/Certification) – you must tell your bank that the purpose for the documents is for Visa Application.

They might add requirements as needed.

I applied for a Single Entry Visa. You have the option to apply for Multiple Entry Visa.

After submitting my requirements above, I waited for a week before they contact me that the Visa Application has been approved. I would suggest that you apply for Visa Application first before buying your actual ticket because the result might vary.

Sample Single Entry Visa for 15 days stay in Japan

We have a connecting flight of Cebu Pacific Davao to Manila, then Manila to Narita. [Click here to view my story about Visa expiry date concern… ]

Narita Airport is an hour away from the main city Tokyo.

Upon arrival, the usual immigration check with 15 days allowable stay in Japan.

I went to the toilet and really appreciate the cleanliness and efficiency of their toilet facilities. Even though I already see one restaurant in Davao with this kind of toilet located in Torres Street (Nonki Japanese Restaurant).

My husband and I proceed to the train station. We bought a round trip Narita express ticket going to Tokyo.

Ticket Office for Narita Express going to Tokyo

A one (1) round trip ticket will cost 4,000 yen.

Sample Narita Express Ticket

We are a little bit early in the train station and we notice that there are train passing going to Tokyo. Till we decided to ride one of those trains with confusion why we cannot find set number… We were able to ride on a regular train not the express train in going to Tokyo. So we decided to go down to the next station and ride back to Narita airport train station.

Upon arrival, our scheduled train has already passed and that was the last schedule for that day. So we decided to ride in a regular train.. Instead of having an estimate of 51 minutes travel time from Narita Airport to Tokyo, we arrived at almost 12midnight in Tokyo. Since Tokyo train lines end service between 12 midnight and 1 am so we decided to ride a taxi from Tokyo station to our hotel in WBF Asakusa Tokyo.

Note: There are trains that may pass on the same railway, to ensure that you are able to ride in the correct train, you must follow exact time in your ticket…

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