Nagbabalak mag Road Trip patungong Bohol galing Davao?

This blog might give you some inputs…

Before starting your travel, do not forget to download google maps app.


To ensure that the maps will always be available even if you do not have any internet connection, download the offline map:

Then select the location map that you wanted to download.


This time, I selected the range from Davao to Cagayan de oro map, then I also select the whole map of Bohol.


You are now ready to travel.. Just search your current location and type in Cagayan de Oro City.

There are actually two good options in going to Bohol via Road trip from Davao.

1.) Davao City to Nasipit Butuan

2.) Davao City to Cagayan de Oro City

For me, the best option for Ferries (Roro) schedule is via Cagayan de Oro City…

So, nag start kami mag biyahe 10am in the morning from Davao… Travel period 6 hours+ including stop over.

Meron daily ferries trips from Cagayan de Oro to Jagna, Bohol…


You can choose Trans Asia or Lite Shipping.

Why I choose Lite Shipping? Simply because yung time travel schedule nila swak sa amin.

Departure from Cagayan de Oro 10pm, so tulog ka lang sa barko… Arrival time nasa 5am – fresh and ready for strolling… Mas maganda mag drive ng Araw at nakapagpahinga na…


Lite Shipping Fare as of April 2018.


Driver is free for the rates below:

Sedan/ Multicab CDO/Nasipit to Jagna Vice Versa = P 4,810

SUV/Wagon/Pick-up vice versa = P 6,110


To buy your tickets, proceed to Gate 1B. Dito din ang passenger at kung may mga maleta need I diskarga sa vehicle para ma-scan dito sa passenger area.


Driver lang at sasakyan ang pwede sa Cargo Vehicles na entrance


Happy Trip to Bohol!

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