My pre-schooler daughter came home keeps on sneezing, she got colds most probably by being acquainted with classmates who has. Of course Moms, even though how we take good care and religiously, let our child to take vitamins, this still cannot be 100% avoided.

At home, I noticed that my baby who is 2 months old keeps on sneezing and I also hear her sometimes coughing. I suspected that she gets the virus from her Ate/sister. Worried that the case will make her uncomfortable, I let the Pedia see her.

My baby was given SALINASE for her nasal problem. As directed, I gave her 1-2 drops right and left nostrils as needed for nasal congestion.


Salinase Indication: Sodium chloride is a buffered isotonic saline solution which naturally moisturizes dry, crusted and stuffy nostrils due to allergy, colds, overuse of antihistaminic decongestants, etc.)

She was also given Ambroxol drops 0.5ml 3x a day. My baby is 5 kilos that time. (Mommy’s, always, consult your baby’s pedia, dosage varies according to the age & the weight of your baby).

Ambroxol Indication:  For the relief of cough secondary acute and chronic diseases
of the respiratory tract accompanied by excessive lung secretions such as
chronic bronchitis, asthmatic brochitis and bronchial asthma

Her condition gets better in 2 days time, which I believed that the concern was addressed.

Mommy’s always consult your doctor for better addressing on your baby’s concern.

All the best!!!

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